Is Anna Delvey aka Anna Sorokin Having Fun With Us Again?

From the Ice detention center in Goshen, New York Anna Delvey aka Anna Sorokin announced the formation of her law firm, reports New York Magazine. It's called Delvey & Daughters PLLC. It will only accept the retainer payment in Dogecoin. 

Since Delvey has no legal training - except by omosis through her own trial at which she was convicted - she may be having fun with us. Yes, once again, she could be spinning together a fantasy world. 

Those of us in the creative professions understand fully the satisfaction Delvey might derive from creating her own universe. This one which most agree is "reality" can be painful in how boring and predictable it is. Yet, society pushes us to be in that rule-bound  box for our personal lives and what we do to bring in income. 

Perhaps Delvey simply decided she won't go near that box and she will accept the consequences. Also, there is the possibility that she will study for a law degree.

No matter how that might play out, she will continue to fascinate us.

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