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November 03, 2009


Since I realized that there are undercover officers everywhere you go, I always behave well all the time.
If that guy is a Law professor, he had ought now that he was breaking the law.

Point is he was arrested and yes the charges were dropped and his record was expunged. An arrest is a public record unless the person is a minor. Papers print that all the time.

An attorney will do this all the time. They write whatever they want all the time and believe it is protected. They don't care if what they write could seem prejudice or libel. I know the ARDC of Illinois calls it their opinion. An attorney will post his or her's opinion in a public document it could be the worst thing anyone could write about another person. But because it maybe in a legal document it is considered their "opinion".

No one is supposed to argue the point sit back and let it happen. I believe what you write in document or any place you have to be able to legally prove it. But when it is posted as comments on the Internet and as long as they have a disclaimer it seems to be protected.

I may not agree with the laws of what you can and cannot post. They seem to only protect certain individuals or companies. I believe their needs to be a law requiring companies to monitor their computers. There is no law, larger companies due to protect themselves but even companies that are contractors or work directly with US Government offices do not have to monitor their computers. Think about it 45% of child molesters are college educated so figure half may work in offices with computers.

Yes we have freedom speech. But remember the First Amendment and the Bill of Rights were adopted on December 15, 1791 before electricity was even invented. So at that time other than newspapers that is how information was given out. Should there be better laws that explains what you can and cannot post and what is legally protected. Yes

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