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September 07, 2009


When it comes in choosing Sex toys, make sure that it cannot harm your sexual health so that you will enjoy using it and spice up even your relationship.

Sixty that anytime these people look for natural solutions to hold off they often only see ads for creams and pills that happen to be products they might rather avoid.

Big companies always knows better

interesting view on Sex Toys :)

Just as they make good ergonomics sex toys, then I wouldn't mind.

will I hope this is good sex toys as others brand.

well this can be a new innovations for them expanding there horizon in the adult industry, even-though that they are well known in electronics industry these does not mean it would be easy as pie for them to succeed.

I don't think so if Philips sex toys can give a good quality like other known sex toys store.

It would be interesting to see how other well known brands perform in the adult market. Whether the products would be good enough and whether the brand could transfer successfully into this market is a tough question.

i always wanted to use this kind of toys!!

That's really awesome.. I hope I can see more of this.. I am looking forward for your next post..

Interesting post because many people ignore this information so important and clear.thanks


You think sex toys from Phillips would be quality since they have been manufacturing electronics for so long. Sex toys should be easy for them!

It is totally wrong for a health care company such as Philips to assume that they will automatically have success in the sex toys industry. I cant believe they have been so naive.

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