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April 21, 2009


It's great to hear from you and see what you've been up to. In your blog I feel your enthusiasm for life. thank you.


A killer can be in medical school, that is Ok, I am petrified that Megan Mcllister is in Medical school too. women are supposed to get the vibe about the guys they are dating, but she is either clueless or ignored it all for the \”catch\” she managed to net. A smart wealthy stud. Beware of this Dr Megan mcallister, she will have a diffferent last name soon, but can anyone trust her judgement? When she changes her last name the state should make it public as we have a right to know our doctor.

This guy seems far better than amanda knox, atleast normal reactions in court.He looks/or acts aloof in court. Kind of like ready to do the mental illness defense. Still that is a normal reaction of a human to get out of a mess he created!
AGAIN, I would never have thought Megan is a medical student too, the vanity and greed in the website looked like a spoiled brat. GOOd they are getting into medical schools too with all thier stamina and wealth. We need fair representation of blondes as doctors.She could make a good OBGYN with all the bimbos and thier husbands wanting to se her

It amazes me that many of the so-called straight news stories on this care are so arrogant in their leads to say point blank that the gun found in Markoff's apartment is the same gun used in the murder he is accused of. The article states this as if it has been presented as evidence in a trial. The trial has not begun! The jury has not been selected. Evidence from the prosecution has not been presented in open court, and the defense has not presented any evidence to support Markoff's innocence in these current allegations.

No evidence from either side has been presented in a court of law -- only allegations in the arraignment and the entry of the plea of NOT GUILTY. The law states that any person accused of a crime is INNOCENT until proven guilty in a Court of Law -- not until gossiped guilty in a world of gossipers and people trying to make money off of another's misfortune. The news papers and other media are trying this man in the public eye without the benefit of having him speak for himself and without the benefit of a jury and judge

If it turns out that this is a case of mistaken identity, or a blundered police investigation -- then an innocent man's life will be ruined. How does a medical student have time to do what the police are accusing him of? If it turns out that he is guilty, when at this point in time he is claiming via his plea of NOT GUILTY, then our society needs to reassess the depths of troubled minds and redesign characteristics of emotionally damaged people who have the potential to murder.

The media needs to stop its own arrogance. The media are NOT the law. The media are not the judge, jury and lawyers.

The media takes the allegations and then finds people to state they are shocked by this, or that they always thought this man was weird. This is drumming up and spreading gossip, which sounds malicious and evil. The media should remain objective -- not subjective. The media is currently forging a verbal painting of guilty before the accused has had time to answer either directly, or through his attorney for example as to his whereabouts during the assaults and murders.

If the robbery victim who was not killed has identified the man on the video as being one in the same as the man who attacked her -- one should also ask her to look at photos of men who look similar to those in the hotel video and ask if they are one in the same, and to look at Markoff in person and ask the same thing. These things it seems will be presented in a court of law. Even then, there can be margins for error. There have in other cases been victims of crimes to inaccurately identify supposed perpetrators.

In regard to the duct tape -- how many households in America have this common item? In regard to the same type of gun, how many households in America have this same type of gun? The handcuffs are reported to have been found in the defendant's apartment -- but another report stated "garbage ties" that could be used like handcuffs were found in his apartment. If the item found was actually garbage ties, then you must also ask how many households in America have these same garbage ties?

Also, maybe the defendant was working at the time of the murder? Maybe, he was with his fiancée, or her family, or his family, or in class or with a professor? Maybe, he was studying in the library? Maybe he was on the computer, and the very "evidence" police are trying to use against him will work in his favor to show he was not even there -- but on the computer. If the man in the video is just a man and not connected to the murder and robberies -- then this so-called evidence is inflammatory. So far, I've heard so called "experts" brought forth by the media call this defendant arrogant and having feelings of being above the law. These so-called experts do not know the defendant, or his real history. They are making highly risky and inflammatory statements about a man who may turn out to very well be innocent.

How many other people communicated with the victim of this crime, or the victims of these crimes during the same time span as Markoff supposedly did? Is it possible the police misinterpreted the information they were gathering from the Internet? There are all sorts of questions the media will not be able to report until the trial is underway -- but if the media keeps behaving in this irresponsible manner -- it could very well insure that a change of venue might be requested for the trial, and that even such a request because of the widespread biased media coverage, would never bring to fruition this man's innocence if he is in fact innocent.

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