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October 04, 2006


Sherwin-Williams Stole From Us and then Tried to Bully Us into Silence

Hello, my name is Miles Oravetz and I am a professional commercial painter of 38 years located in CT. Approximately 10 years ago, several painting contractors and I invested our money in creating a DIY wallpapering video which we sent to Sherwin-Williams in hopes of selling it; however, as Sherman-Williams offered us only $300, we took our product elsewhere. About two months later, while picking up supplies at a Sherwin-Williams store I came across a DIY wallpapering video and discovered that Sherwin-Williams was, in fact, selling their own version of our video.
While Sherwin-Williams denies this was the case you can watch below, side-by-side, our production alongside Sherwin-Williams version and judge for yourself whether Sherwin-Williams stole our work.

As small business owners, we lack the financial resources to mount a legal challenge against a large, powerful corporation like Sherman-Williams. So, we are asking for help from you, the public, in telling Sherwin-Williams what the right thing to do is.

Please sign our petition and ask Sherman-Williams to compensate the small business owners they stole from.

Please follow this link (below) to change.org and sign our petition.

Board & Directors of Sherwin-Williams who agree with the above actions by Sherwin-Williams:

1. John Stropki – Lincoln Electric
2. Richard J. Kramer – Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.
3. Richard Smucker – The J.M. Smuckers Co.
4. Arthur Anton – Swagelok Co.
5. Robert Wells – Sherwin-Williams VP rjwells@sherwin.com
(Fellow painting contractors, feel free to email Mr. Wells and ask why he stole this video from one of their own customers)

Corporate Law-Firms hired by Sherwin-Williams to try and deny Bill of Rights Freedoms:
(by using unethical and illegal actions against me)

1. Steve Brogan – Jones Day
2. Samuel Fifer – SNR Denton
3. David Poisson – State Capital Group
4. James Anderson – Howe, Anderson, and Steyer
5. Jerald Jacobs – Pillsbury Law

Two trade associations that approve of Sherwin-Williams criminal acts against members Bill of Rights Freedoms:
(These two trade associations are unethical, corrupt, and have no code of ethics. PDCA is controlled by Sherwin-Williams, a gold sponsor. Some past leadership have included federal felons.)

1. Greene CEO – PDCA (Painting & Decorating Contractors of America)
2. Graham CEO – ASAE (American Society of Association Executives)

The lawyers that represent these two trade associations are:
1. James Anderson – janderson@haspc.com
2. Jerald Jacobs - jerry.jacobs@pillsburylaw.com

Please follow this link (below) to change.org and sign our petition.

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