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July 16, 2017


I watched the episode about a half dozen women suffering sexual harassment. I noted that two of them wore skimpy dresses showing off their thighs, and a third had tight leather pants. Is this what they wore when they met with male venture capitalists? I know that this is a unpopular viewpoint but if you're there for business you need to dress business like and not bar like. A loose pants suit would have been so much better (like Hillary Clinton wears these days). I have been in the professional workplace 30 years and time and time again I see it--women who don't seem to understand that what they wear DOES make a difference in how they are treated...and don't get me started on how they act...when I was a college senior in job interviews the overt seduction from female Human Resource corporate representatives would make Mrs. Robinson look like a nun... One thing you have to remember with venture capitalists is that they are powerful people who got where they are by persisting and not taking no for an answer, and they apply this everywhere in life because it works for them. They are used to getting what they want especially from women since they are rich and powerful. If a woman wants to be businesslike she has to be that way 100%. You cannot exude sexuality, no matter how subtle, and expect some men not to respond. Especially powerful ones. No wonder this show is suffering in the ratings. Credibility is in question.

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