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May 17, 2017


People only hear what they want to hear. Let us seek the truth and then make decisions about what is to be done with Trump. Thank God it is not going to be on my conscious that I voted for Trump. It is so sad that our country had such poor choices for who to vote for in November 2016. What does that say about our country that we could not find one decent human being to vote for in the presidential election last yr. People have become immoral and have accepted the changes in our society, and then eventually we have not one person who is honorable and trustworthy to become the leader of the USA. Our country needs prayer not allegence to Trump or any politician.

LOL. Written by a liberal with a liberal point of view. Stay in your bubble. If Putin came out and said Trump did give him secrets, you and every other liberal would be saying "SEE SEE SEE"


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