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March 10, 2017


Law enforcement has many tactics that they employ, using a K-9 unit as a skeleton key for any search and seizure is just one (the dogs are trained to bark on command as well as bark when drugs are found, it's part of the communication and response training). We witnessed in the video what is called "swamping," the now permanent act of responding with excessive numbers to any incident. We witnessed what is called "contempt of cop," where a police officer acts like a judge and threatens jail for the violation of insubordination. Notice how Jesse asked if he was under arrest when the officer immediately told him to step out of the car while grabbing at the door handle? If Jesse had gotten out of the car, he would have been part of an "investigation" and therefore legally detained (arrested without cause). Hence the K-9, immediate investigation and detainment until they are done, when Jesse was released. Cops get away with "contempt of cop" because they think we don't know the law or that we're unable to afford a lawyer. And cops protect cops so you can't simply press charges for wrongful imprisonment. Stations have been known to refuse taking statements concerning officers. Officers will use intimidating tactics like putting there arms in your car, opening your door to make you come out (and if you don't at that point then they will violently remove you and arrest you). And let's not forget the timeless classic of screaming "Stop resisting!!) while beating someone who's on the ground converting their head.

The officer said that his dog alerted to drugs being in the vehicle and used that as an excuse to search it. In fact, no drugs were found. Either the officer lied (most likely) or the dog made a mistake, in which case the animal should be removed from service or retrained. I am surprised no one made an issue of this blatant abuse.

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