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October 29, 2016


The Democratic Party has become a criminal organization.

Is it possible that the emails on Wieners PC filed under Life were taken and secreted there by Wiener or Huma to use as protection and leverage in the event they ever fell out with the Clinton's? Given the Clinton's history of dealing with their enemies and former friends it would make sense that they have some so called life insurance? That could be why Huma failed to disclose this to the FBI. If this is true then whatever is on the PC will be devastating to the Clinton's. Just a Thought.....

the humasnake has low regard for herselfs - weiner is proof therre she"ll make him suyffer

I believe Comey is retiring and the Republicans made this email scandal announcement a requirement/condition of his retirement package.

Mrs. "Carlos danger": Mooooooooooooooslim spy traitor lesbo lover of Queen b1tch Hillary

She is NOT on the plane today!!

Has Hillary thrown her lesbian Mooooooslim spy traitor lover under the bus?

Chelsea may go tothr joint with them. she's guilty of a cover upa at the very least.

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