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October 30, 2016


Talk show states FBI has made it thru 50,000 emails already and that we may get info before the election Nov 8

If it were not for sites like Druge, where would we be ? I am old enough to recall all the clintongates.
However, my demographic is not enough to effect real change. At least now our history lessons of Hillary has some merit, not a wishful thinking fantasy.

Someone will have to take the Sword, and it looks like Huma is the one that will take it for these Criminals....WE need to clean up the Whitehouse ..

My conjecture is Huma is going to throw Hillary under the bus to save herself. One would ask how did we arrive at this? I surmise Assange was acquainted with Kim and they were perhaps helpful to one another in achieving the goal of the truth being made available to the gullible people...Us, thus they were perhaps in possession of and agreement this information should be forthcoming. The elite elected were never going to do this, thus they backed the American elite elected into a corner, Come clean or else we will come clean for you! So here we are days from election and perhaps the biggest cover up in history, perpetrated against the American people would have been successful except for two hackers with renown skills being in possession of all their dirty secrets from Hillary's now infamous private(not really0 email server. Had anything happened to Assange he has backup ways to reveal this information as I surmise Kim does as well. Now history will be marred with Huma Abedin being outed by Weiner, who has a sexting debacle of his own. Reportedly Abedin was apparently fearful too as she had retained these files under a file marked "insurance" on a personal computer or other electronic device. Point being who would have ever surmised the future of the US and all future appointments to the Supreme Court would have relied on two hackers, who really are being considered heroes by many?

Send her to the gallows!!!

Hillary got a Weiner from her server.

They're all filthy and corrupt! We need major house-cleaning!

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