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July 13, 2014


I certainly agree with you. While the alleged perps desire no sympathy, the "crisis" of campus rape would pretty much disappear if people stopped getting sloppy drunk.

The drinking should not be given as much consideration as it is. No one should take advantage of another human being, just because they cannot fend for themselves.

Did none of her friends notice she was too drunk? I don't much understand that sort of ignorance. But I also think that parents who send young women off to college without making sure that they know how many drinks are too many.

Yes, let's blame the poor girl for drinking too much and not, you know, the frat members who sexually assaulted her in the first place. God, lawyers like you are part of the problem.

I just graduated from HWS and the school does not support fraternities serving alcohol. They provide no funding for it, the brothers are the ones who buy it and usually they don't give it out. The freshman and other students usually arrive drunk or bring their own drinks. So before you attack the school and the fraternities for serving alcohol maybe you should check your facts.

I am clearly of the belief that the College and the fraternity were liable for serving alcohol to an underage person, and take responsibility as "hosts" for any of the aftermath (rape, etc).

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