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September 24, 2012


Is document storage the same as (http://www.westernarchives.com) record storage? I've had some stuff that I need to put in storage, but I'm not sure what kind of company does that stuff. Especially up here in Edmonton, I get lost easily.

Der Artikel ist lesenswert, Thank you very much! Ich werde Ihren neuen Artikel.

As a cumulative effort internally and file by file as the files are CLOSED, a department within the law firm itself can be provided guidelines and designated the task of scanning in the files for storage on digital media. If a file becomes inactive but the attorney does not wish to administratively close out that file, the file's contents could still be scanned digitally for storage. Based on each state's statutes for retention of legal records, this could eliminate the need for actual paper storage of the files and cut costs on storage space costs.

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