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April 01, 2012


what a refreshing piece. the media coverage makes it seem as if people are rooting and hoping for the firm to fail. i don't understand that. there are literally hundreds of staffers and associates that would be in horrible straits if that is the case. partner defections are newsworthy; the doom and gloom is not.

Maybe "empathy" is the wrong word. Maybe the better term is "self interest." Clients might see that a chastened firm will provide better service now at a better price.

Also, there is a backlash against excessive media poundings. And people push back in lots of different ways.

Dream on. Big dollar clients having empathy for a law firm bleeding its brightest connections and wishing to help the dear ole firm fend off the mob mentality.

I would like more of what you are taking?

Dewey Lebeouf custom made brew perhaps?


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