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March 30, 2012


What if they did have an agreement for compensation and not free? What then?

Dear Not Expecting Payment for Writing:

I am happy that you have found a forum for expressing your political ideas and that you derive satisfaction from that. There are others, though, who do expect to receive more than that as a payoff. If it isn't money, maybe it's hope that the piece will be noticed by a media outlet with could provide paid work.

The world consists of many kinds of bloggers, with many different expectations.

Your story says "Bloggers will now think twice before agreeing to work for free on a high-profile site for the supposed exposure." That's nonsense. I'm one of thousands of bloggers for the Huffington Post. I write my blogs--mostly political--for my own pleasure, for sharing my ideas with others, and for trying to convince them of the correctness of my ideas. Nobody at Huffpost ever promised me payment and I don't expect any. I won't think twice "before agreeing to work for free." Why should I? It changes nothing. Your reporter or their editors should have thought twice before allowing that nonsensical sentence to be published.

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